The Sinclair Method: Some Useful Resources


Firstly, as a disclaimer, I need to state that I am not a medical professional – just simply a grateful recipient of this invention – and that should someone be seriously interested in The Sinclair Method as a viable treatment option for themselves or a loved one then they should always seek medical advice first. Now that I am satisfied that is out of the way, for anyone pursuing information in advance of speaking with their doctor here’s some helpful resources/links to get them started. Click on any of the highlighted text to be taken to a new link.

  1. The Cure for Alcoholism by Roy Eskapa. Essential reading. This really is to all intents and purposes “the instruction manual” for The Sinclair Method. In fact, I would urge everyone interested in the subject of addiction to buy this. It should be in every GP’s desk drawer in my opinion.
  2. C3 Foundation and its sister website C3 Foundation Europe. The latter is run by my friend Joanna Duyvenvoorde, my former co-writer on my old blog Naltrexone Confidential.
  3. The Facebook page for The Sinclair Method. Great reading. Always has lots of up to date material.
  4. The Facebook group Your Choice, Your Recovery. A friendly, peer-led support group for people using The Sinclair Method that is well run.
  5. The Options Save Lives message board. Again, a friendly place. And again, this is something else that Joanna has a hand in, as she’s an administrator on there (the board was set up by and is managed by the C3 Foundation).
  6. Then there’s the official Sinclair Method website, – ran by my friend the fellow blogger Mike Dempsey of Recovering from Recovery fame. Talking of which…
  7.  – – – not, strictly speaking, a Sinclair Method website… it’s actually about all aspects of addiction recovery… but, saying that, there’s some great links in it on the subject of The Sinclair Method if you look for them.



As far as video media goes, there’s the documentary One Little Pill (currently available to stream for free on Amazon HERE) and also a few decent Youtube videos. Here’s a selection of some of the better ones, including – because I’m an attention hound! Haha – two I was involved with:


There’s also this excellent interview with David Sinclair that’s worth checking out:


And then there’s this Youtube video by an independent UK practitioner which is quite good. I admire the man’s obvious compassion for people suffering from Alcohol Use Disorder:

I shall add further links as time goes on, I am sure. For now, this is okay to start with. I want to eventually add some submenus to this section. Like a Claudia Christian submenu, for instance. Here’s a great TEDx lecture Claudia did in April 2016:


And here’s a really good YouTube testimonial about The Sinclair Method that a member of the Your Choice, Your Recovery Facebook forum kindly invited me to share:


In terms of Sinclair Method-themed blogs, here’s a really nice one by a friend of mine called Nicky Katz that charts his experience with nalmefene. Click on the image below to open the link in a new tab.

Click on image to be taken to the link in a new tab.

…Okay, that’s it for now. As I say, this whole menu is going to be a continual work in progress. I’ll add further links and more media in some submenus that I’ll build as time goes by. If anybody has a link (a blog or a Youtube video) they’d like me to plug on the site for them please free to get in touch with me and I’d be more than happy to have a look at it. The real trick is trying to separate the wheat from the chaff because whilst there’s plenty of stuff about TSM and The Sinclair Method online, some of it is horribly misinformed and confusing.