Falling out of love with Quora

I’m just sitting nursing a cup of tea and pondering upon Quora this afternoon.

As many people know, I’d made it a home away from home for a while… practically living on there at one point. I really liked my fellow geeks on there and got a lot out of contributing to topics on The Sinclair Method and alcoholism. To me, Quora was always like Wikipedia but better. Or at least I thought.

And do you know what? It’s STILL a fun platform with some great contributors – I still love some of the stuff on horror movies and comic books on there and there’s still some fun to be had on there (see below for an example of a little mischievous fun that I couldn’t resist having on Quora just last night).

But it’s not the same.


Too many barbarians are invading the platform now and I find myself wincing at certain loaded questions that I’m anonymously baited with by certain people… certain people with very obvious rival outlooks when it comes to addiction theory. They’re just too damn obvious, in fact, and I’m frankly not going to play their game – which is sad, given that with something like 7,5000 odd hits I’m one of the most popular writers on the subject of The Sinclair Method on there.


Another thing that pisses me off about Quora is all of the sociopath groupies. What do I mean by that? …Well, it’s like people on there are absolutely morbidly infatuated with psychopaths, given the amount of questions and answers devoted to psychopathy.

…Clearly there’s a lot of Dexter fans on Quora, that’s all I can say.


As someone whose family has suffered horribly at the hands of a disgusting, perverted psychopath (see HERE) I see no glamour and no enticing mystery to such people, believe me.


But one of the most tiresome things? The number of twelve year olds who write to ask whether their 150 IQ score makes them special (well, they sound like twelve year olds to me… so I’m assuming they are… but they might not be).


I’m not making this up. People really do write things like “I have a 150 IQ. Am I special?” on Quora.


…Where to even begin! Haha!


So where does this leave me?

Well, I’m not going to delete my profile or leave the platform. But I do think that I’ll be exploring other areas of it in future… I’m pretty much “talked out” with The Sinclair Method on there, anyway.

These days I find myself more and more curious on other things – such as topics like nootropics and transhumanism. Oh and I still dip into the horror movie questions on occasion.


But, as I say, there’s too many idiots that have now invaded the addiction sections, sadly. Too many people trying to disrupt the signal to noise ratio (see HERE for an explanation of how S:N disinformation tactics work).

Sad to see, but it was bound to happen eventually. Oh well, at least I’ve still got my corner of cyberspace here on WordPress to spread sanity.


Over and out.


Peace and love,



Author: Gary Bell

Gary Bell is a writer, illustrator and teacher based in Hartlepool in the north east of England. The Sinclair Method (a revolutionary pharmacological treatment for alcohol addiction) saved his life over 5 years ago.

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