Welcome to The Free Pigeon Press

Hi there!

My name is Gary Bell and I’m the webmaster of this site.

So who am I? And what’s this site all about?

Well, in it’s current form I guess you could say that the main emphasis of my articles is upon The Sinclair Method (TSM) , a groundbreaking treatment for alcohol addiction that saved my life… so I guess it would be fair to call this a recovery-themed website with lots of TSM resources for anyone interested in this most effective of treatment methods.

But this isn’t just written like some infomercial for The Sinclair Method – it’s very much about my own journey and (because I’m a fully-rounded human being and there’s more to me than just one thing) I also occasionally touch on a lot of other diverse subjects in my blog – such as my interest in art, videogames, TV and movies, science and technology.

Claims to fame: I was a guest interviewee in Claudia Christian’s acclaimed 2014 documentary One Little Pill and I’ve also done various podcasts on the subject of The Sinclair Method which are available on Youtube (see HERE).

Photograph of Gary Bell and Claudia Christian
Me and Claudia during the filming of the UK segment of One Little Pill in August 2013.

I’m also a published illustrator, gaining a bit of an unfortunate reputation as something of a comix badboy for writing and illustrating the comic strips for the adult humour magazine Spit! comic back in the 1990s… hence why you’ll occasionally see various cartoony pieces of art on the site.

For a more in-depth autobiography click HERE to read my story.

Just a note about the name of the site because I’m aware that it’s a bit of an odd one given that there isn’t a single article on the subject of pigeons! Haha!

Being someone with a diverse range of interests (a sort of wannabe polymath) I kinda get frustrated when I’m pigeonholed. Hence the title of this site – The Free Pigeon Press.

Okay, I think that covers things for now.  If you have any questions or want to correspond with me for any reason please feel free to click the contact option on the menu above.