My Sinclair Method drink diaries and extinction graph

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As the drink diaries below show, my start date was the 2nd April 2013 – reaching my extinction point approximately within a 12-13 week timeframe.

As to side-effects, I was quite fortunate as there was very little discomfort in my instance. The only two things of note were that I perceived my can of strong lager (specifically Carlsberg Special Brew) to “taste less sugary” upon my very first exposure to the drug and that I had a bit of a bad case of stomach cramps on the second day of use.

After that there were no other real issues.

The only other thing of note is that prior to TSM my average weekly alcohol unit consumption was >100 British units  so it would be fair to say that there was a very rapid and marked reduction in my drinking quite early into the process. As my craving for alcohol decrementally reduced I noticed that I started to favour brands of a much weaker strength.




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    1. Hello Michael,

      Yeah, sure. I don’t mind you sharing it. Even though I have not set this up as a recovery blog per se (unlike my old blog Naltrexone Confidential), I decided to put the stripped down raw data on here without anything in the way of any “evangelicizing” yesterday just because I thought that it would be useful to have something on the internet that I can easily link to should someone on one of the forums quiz me about the exact specifics of dates and numbers, etc.

      Ha. “Because I’m lazy”, in other words. 😀

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