Katie’s Journey from Alcoholic to Moderate Drinker

A new YouTube video by Katie about The Sinclair Method:

I must say, these videos are great. She’s a real natural – she has bags of charisma – and when it comes to my own recent still very amateurish video efforts (see HERE and HERE), I could learn a lot from Katie, actually – because these are really well made.

About the video: moderation wasn’t the path that I ultimately chose. I think that the reason for that was that I felt as if I’d drank enough booze for a lifetime and I just wanted it to be over… but isn’t it amazing that The Sinclair Method gives someone the power to have that choice?

Absolutely fantastic.

Please be sure to subscribe to Katie’s channel. We need more videos like this please!

I’d actually love to see more people start up Sinclair Method-themed blogs and YouTube channels… so if you’re an aspiring writer or aspiring vlogger and thinking of starting something up (or have already set something up) please do drop me a line because I’d love to feature it on my website. It’s great to get that cross-pollination going.

***Edit: just regarding blogs, here’s something that I’ve just got to share – a blog by a TSMer friend of mine by the name of Nicky Katz (click on the image to open the site in a new tab):

I don’t think Nicky has updated it in a little while, which is a shame because it’s a really well done blog and I’d love to hear how he’s doing post-extinction. But please do check it out, because as I say this is quite a nicely done site.

In fact, I’m going to paste this into my resources section.





2 thoughts on “Katie’s Journey from Alcoholic to Moderate Drinker

  1. Margaret Simes

    Great video…its changing my life too. Can I ask if you get any side effects? There has been a few times where ive not taken the tablet as Ive been going on a night out and I think it makes me a bit tired and not on my usual form. I think it disrupts my sleep a bit as well. Small things but just wondered. I used to tak Nalmephene, which gave me really bad side effects, so this is very mild in comparison. Thanks


    1. Gary Bell Post author

      Hi Margaret,

      Nice to hear from you.

      In terms of side effects I was quite lucky because I only suffered stomach cramps on my second day on the method.

      What you mention about having sleep disturbance could certainly be a side effect because I think that insomnia is a symptom with some people… but please stick with it.

      As for nalmefene – I was having a really interesting conversation with an independent alcohol treatment provider who was saying that he and his partner had stopped using nalmefene because the side effects were so problematic for so many people… and that they’d decided to prescribe naltrexone off-licence instead because people generally tolerate that much better.



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