My illustration work


The above montage is a screen capture taken from my Facebook art album.

As you can see, there’s a strong emphasis on caricature/cartoons with my style. Although I’m quite good at figure drawing (i.e. drawing realistically) I can’t do “serious” all the time to save my life… the urge to exaggerate, to lampoon seems to override my personality – hence why this is my “niche”.

As for my influences, there’s a heavy dose of Robert Crumb crossed with some Glenn Fabry/Simon Bisley for my painted work. Although I feel more at home with pen and inks I quite like using acrylic with pencils.

I’ve yet to become proficient with painting using Adobe Photoshop… it scares me a bit to be honest with you.

Check out my bio HERE to learn more about my experience in the art industry – including how I was fired from Spit! comic back in the 90s! Haha.