Hi there!

My name is Gary Bell and I’m the webmaster of this site.

About the site: really in its current form it’s a bit of a mucky mixture of my diverse interests which include art, videogames, TV and movies, science and technology – with a particular emphasis (given the number of posts I’ve written about it) upon The Sinclair Method , a groundbreaking treatment for alcoholism that saved my life.

Claims to fame: I was featured in the documentary One Little Pill and I’ve also done various podcasts on the subject of The Sinclair Method which are available on Youtube.

I’m also a published illustrator, gaining a bit of an unfortunate reputation as something of a comix badboy for writing and illustrating the comic strips Sefton Ward: Paranormal Detective and Nero Ramone: Porno Star turned Hitman for Spit! comic back in the 1990s. Hence why you’ll see various cartoony pieces of art on the site.

For a more indepth autobiography click HERE to read my story.

Just a note about the name of the site because I’m aware that it’s a bit of an odd one given that there isn’t a single article on the subject of pigeons! Haha!

Being someone with a diverse range of interests (a sort of wannabe polymath) I kinda get frustrated when I’m pigeonholed. Hence the title of this site – The Free Pigeon Press.


Okay, I think that covers things for now.  If you have any questions or want to correspond with me for any reason please feel free to either e-mail me at  or click the contact shortcut HERE.